Pintuck Resort will be unavaible for online shopping until Feb 2021 but come find us at our Pop Ups this festive season!

About Us

Inspired by the bold and beautiful colours of African summers, original retro and contemporary prints and the women who wear them, Pintuck Resort is a stylish swim and activewear brand, designed and made in Cape Town. The label is the passion project of fashion editor, Jo Springthorpe and swimwear designer, Beryl Goslett.


Pintuck Resort’s simple concept is to create gorgeous original prints, then pair them with an expertly curated range of swimsuit and bikini designs. Experience has taught us to choose only the styles which are most flattering to all women’s bodies. Every swimsuit or bikini you will find on our website is designed to suit all shapes and sizes. So dive in, explore and enjoy the Pintuck Resort Experience!


“I’ve been a stylist and Fashion Director on major fashion magazines for most of my career and patterns, design, fabrics and colours have always been a passion. But my heart has always been in helping women who aren’t fashion models - my friends and family - look and feel fantastic in clothing. I know that finding the kind of swimsuits and active wear that make all women feel confident and beautiful, is one of a stylists’ toughest, but most rewarding challenges. With Pintuck Resort, Beryl and I believe we can do this for all our customers.” Jo Springthorpe


“In my career working in swimsuit design and manufacture, I have come to really understand women's’ bodies. I know the cuts, style and colours which look best on each body type. I know that every woman can look and feel wonderful in a swimsuit. It just has to be the right swimsuit for her! It’s the desire to share my knowledge, combined with a love of and passion for bold and beautiful prints, that inspired Jo and I to launch Pintuck Resort in Cape Town, in 2015.” Beryl Goslet